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Bethlehem Hospital
Cedar Rapids,Iowa

The Bethlehem Hospital started as a Tuberculosis & Rare Disease Hospital in 1928 until closing it’s doors in the early 1983. It sat vacant until a grant from the Pentex Corporation allowed the Jefferson brothers to reopen it to the public. The grant funded multiple restoration projects for the buildings as well as the grounds. Bringing the hospital on par with many of the larger city hospitals.

Today the Hospital can house close to 800 patients, with a staff of 80 doctors, and close to 100 registered nursing staff, many taken from the top 5 percent of their graduating class.

The Hospital has one building devoted only to Hospice care allowing your loved ones the feeling of a safe and comfortable journey through their final days. The building was recently dedicated to the Allan and James Jefferson, where both brothers spent their final days, passing away in each others company, only minutes apart. The same as when they first entered this world.
For the families of the departed, we offer access to caregivers from the newly founded Orpheus Institute. Where they give you peace of mind that your loved ones have moved on to a better place. As well as deliver messages to them.
The smaller of the three buildings, known as the Kale Building, houses nine scientists that work closely with the CDC in Atlanta as well as devote their time delving into cures for such diseases as Cancer, AIDS, and the newly discovered Apex F27.

At Bethlehem Hospital we do our best in giving back to the community. With the help of the Pentex Corporation, we have recently broken ground at 10 different locations, around the beautiful city of Cedar Rapids, to build community parks as well as provide the children of the city a much needed update to their playgrounds. That and a dedication to reduce the hospitals waste product by more than 40 percent before the turn of the next decade.

If you wish more information about Bethlehem Hospital
Please feel free to contact a member of our staff
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Dr. Elliot Winthrope
C.O.O Bethlehem Hospital
Pentex Corporation Board Member

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